Atlantic Puffin

Three possibly four colonies have been reported from the Camel Estuary area;

Mouls Island;

A colony has been noted here since at least 1932, breeding proven or suspected in almost every year since. Numbers fluctuate with a peak count of 50 in 1965 to zero in 2003.

Porthmissen Bridge.
Breeding may have occurred here but although 100 birds were noted on at least two occasions the main observer W. S. Watts never proved breeding. In 2012 a single bird was noted on the ledges.

1972 3
1968 5
1966 1
1965 12, (6 pairs)
1964 3
1963 2
1961 40, (20 pairs)
1951 50, (no chicks ever seen here)
1950 100
1947 30
1946 90
1945 100
1933 Noted.

The Rumps:
It is not entirely certain when this colony died out due to birds in the area breeding on the Mouls.
1948 – Colony numbered approx. 50 pairs.

Breeding may have occurred on the island with a bird present here in 1967. In 2012 two birds were noted in the sea off the island, as that suitable habitat does exist on the island breeding is possible.

Sightings away from colonies/Passage birds.

2011 – 29 noted off The Rumps on Jun 18th probably included moving birds.
2009 – 1 west off The Rumps on Nov 1st.
2008 – 2 west off The Rumps on Oct 1st.
1990 – 3 west off The Rumps on Oct 16th.
1965 – 2 on sea off The Rumps on Oct 24th.
1964 – 1 at Pentire Head, Feb 8th.

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