October 7th 2013

Pentire/Rumps; probable BUFF-BELLIED PIPIT, 20+ Scandinavian Rock Pipit, 1 Willow Warbler. (C Selway)

Buff-bellied Pipit at Rumps Point, 7-10-13, C Selway

Buff-bellied Pipit at Rumps Point, 7-10-13, C Selway
Buff-bellied Pipit at Rumps Point, 7-10-13, C Selway

One thought on “October 7th 2013

  1. I was first attracted to the probable Buff-Bellied by its small size (no larger than a Meadow Pipit) plus its base colour, that contrasted so obviously with all the ‘littoralis’ in its company. The bill was shorter and finer than ‘littoralis’, the eye-ring intermediate between Rock and Meadow, the rear flanks much cleaner than any ‘petrosus’ around and most of the ‘littoralis’, immediately behind the bill the lores were pale, though with a confusingly dark patch under and slightly forward of the eye. The bird was in a difficult and dangerous spot near the top of steep sea cliffs, resulting in few usable images, my priority at the time, to hang on to myself and the camera, although the bird could easily be picked out intermittently that day and the next at a distance near the base of the cliffs. At the time and now I have always thought of it as a ‘probable’ Buff-Bellied (rubescens) my nearest match. After Camel Birder posted only images on this site, it was immediately re-identified as a ‘Rock Pipit’ by a well known rare bird news service, I understand that most of their paying members are not remotely interested in hybrids or intermediates, nevertheless I consider this practice will only serve to discourage many from reporting ‘anything’ unless in possession of numerous high quality images, in fact I already know several who do just that.

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