Cattle Egret

The Cattle Egret is a rare wanderer from the European mainland and has bred in Britian on a number of occasions. In Cornwall it remains a rare visitor with occasional birds over wintering. Around the Camel Estuary a total of 30 birds have been noted.

1981 – 1, (sub-adult), at Trewornan Bridge and around the surrounding area, 7th November to 17th at least. (The bird was previous seen and photographed at Land’s End on 3rd November; The bird was re-located at St Mabyn on 18th December and was found dead, there, on the 27th).

2006 – 1, flew in off the sea with three Little Egret, just outside the recording area, at Trevose Head on 16th October and continued east.

2007 – 1 on the Camel Estuary, 22nd November. 2 at Treator 24th December and into 2008; 2 in the Hay Farm area 27th December with 3 on the 31st.

2008 – A minimum of 12 individuals noted during the first four months of the year but the real total could have been twice this figure. Numerous sites were utilised, mostly in cattle fields. Last noted 4th May. In the second winter period 2 were at Dinham Flats 12th December and a single was at Hay Farm, December 15th.

2009 – 2 at Dinham Flats 2nd January were re-located in the St Breock/ Hay Farm area 18th January where they remained to 1st March. 1 at Pentireglaze Farm, Pentire/Rumps, 26th January to 13th February.

2010 – 1 flew over Wadebridge towards the estuary 19th February.

2011 – 1 flew up the Polmorla Valley, (to roost), with 4 Little Egret, 16th February; 1 at Treraven Meadows 28th October and probably the same bird opposite Wadebridge Sewage Works 8th November.

Cattle Egret, Wadebridge area Camel Estuary, opposite Wadebridge Sewage Works; 8-11-11; C Selway
Cattle Egret, Wadebridge area Camel Estuary, opposite Wadebridge Sewage Works; 8-11-11; C Selway

2012 – 1 at Amble Marshes 13th April to 2nd May.

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2014 – 1 at Amble Marshes, (mid morning), 3rd January.

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2015 – 1 first seen at Pinkson Creek, 31st October,  was seen at various locations around the estuary to 8th November at least. 2 in the Dinham area 11th November.


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