5th November 2015 Sightings


Port Quin; 1 Wheatear.

Wheatear at Port Quin, 5-11-15, C Selway

Rosenannon Downs; 9 Woodcock and 38 Snipe in flight late afternoon.


Wadebridge; At Two Trees Estate the following were noted to light; Common Marbled Carpet, Red-Green Carpet, Spruce Carpet, Green Carpet, Double-striped Pug, Merveille du jour, Flounced Chestnut, Beaded Chestnut, Silver Y, Burnish Brass, Herald, Brimstone, Black Rustic, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Blair’s Shoulder Knot, Green Brindled Crescent, Eudonia angustea, Light Brown Apple Moth.

At Dunveth Road, 2 Light Brown Apple Moth and a single November Moth agg.


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