Caspian Gull

Colin Selway wrote; Watching this gull today at Rumps Point, I initially thought of 1stw Larus michahellis, later, after noting many Larus cachinnans characteristics including small flat crowned, elongated head plus slender black bill, I became less sure. Please if anyone cam tell me why, from the images, (I alone have the benefit of the jizz), this is not a 1stw Caspian Gull, I would welcome it. I don’t see many of either in this neck of the woods.

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2 thoughts on “Caspian Gull

  1. In my opinion the white base of the tail rules out all Herring Gull subspecies and Lesser Black-backed Gull. The lack of head streaking, almost no eye smudge and thin black bill rules out Yellow-legged Gull. This is the first confirmed sighting of this species within the Camel Estuary area, although many have probably been over looked.

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