Glossy Ibis – Plegadis falcinellus

Rare vagrant to the Camel Estuary area.

1964 – 1 at Clapper Marshes; 31st December.

1965 – The 1964 bird noted around the upper Camel Estuary until 16th April when it was at Dinham Flats.

1986 – 1 just outside the area at a farm in St Merryn; 9th to 17th October. Roosted at Tregunna on the evening of the last date.

2012 – 1 at Chapel Amble; 12th January to 2nd February.

2013 – 5 reported flying over the estuary 21st September, with 1 present 23rd September to 6th October, noted at Dinham Flats and on the Amble Marshes. (1 was noted at St Merryn, just outside the area 8th December)


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2014 – 1 at Amble Marshes; 16th January.

2015 – 1 at Amble Marshes; 9th December.

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